helping to make your life easier

These services are for those who never stop you know who you are!

You don't have time to buy gifts, book flights, or make a restaurant reservation.  Have no fear, we can take the pressure off and encourage you to treat yourself now and then - a great massage, amazing holiday, tickets to the theatre or a concert.

Be it sun or snow, we can find you the perfect holiday.  Or if you want to plan a romantic weekend away or birthday gift without your loved one finding out the surprise, we can arrange it all for you.

  • Restaurant reservations
  • Booking theatre or cinema tickets
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Booking flights, trains, cars and other travel
  • Booking spa days and treatments
  • Research holidays to your requirements
  • Sending flowers
  • Arrange health club membership
  • Arrange personal training
  • Research fitness and wellbeing classes